Winning stories from 2020!

Merry Christmas to you. Hope you and your family are having a great holiday. Needless to say, 2020 has been quite a roller coaster year for all of us, and I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the kind of support we’ve received from readers like you. In the midst of all the hiatus surrounding Covid, we decided to start the Glynk’s weekly series where we’ve been bringing to you the best of everything that is happening in the world of online communities.

While it’s not been so long since we’ve started The Community Assemble, your words of appreciation have served as a guiding beacon for all of us here at Glynk. We believe in giving people a greater sense of belonging and helping them live better lives from our own experiences of building successful communities. We know how to run a community. How to break the ice initially. How to quickly get them out of their comfort zone and get talking and interacting with other members. And that’s what we are trying to reflect in our stories every week - to bring nothing but absolutely the best community building experiences for you.

Recap series - The best stories from 2020!

This week we’re taking a moment to celebrate the wins of 2020, and we hope you do the same. We’ve curated some excellent content featuring the best of The Community Assemble that could be extremely valuable to you.

So here are our top 5 stories of The Community Assemble dedicated to the recap series from 2020.

The Rise and Rise of members! - An interesting article about what all you should do to power your community with new folks coming in. 

Wait! Don’t launch yet - How communities don’t just “launch” but start small and grow organically? 

Do you deeply care for your members? - A story about understanding your audience and acting on that knowledge.

How to nail your community’s purpose? - A powerful edition about aligning your community “Why” (Purpose) with your “What” (Goals). Don’t miss out!

If you build, they may still not come! - A tale of motivating your members to keep coming back.

Connecting people not only excites us now but has also become a passion for us. And we promise to keep sharing these experiences with you. We will keep helping you run super successful communities.

So, put your feet up, indulge in these interesting editions, and we’ll see you next year with more insightful articles and amazing stories. 

Until then…

Stay safe and have a lovely New year!