Groovy! Time for a little dance

Good communication is at the heart of great relationships. We all know how enjoyable it is to talk to someone who “gets us.” We understand that fostering personal relationships can be challenging; it's why we set out to make this story personal.

This story is dedicated to a group of people amongst us who deserve some extra love: YOU! Our wonderful community managers. To all the unsung heroes who had one of the most important (and hardest!) jobs in 2020, Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! We know it was on the 25th, but what’s wrong with celebrating it for a week? 

We celebrate you for working tirelessly and showing extraordinary resilience, to the sudden and dramatic changes that 2020 has taught us, which is also the theme of CMAD 2021 - RESILIENCE. 

After a year like 2020, which brought lockdowns and social distancing around the world, community managers like you continued to find new ways to connect people. Workplaces called on you guys to keep employees engaged, as we all were adjusting to the new work environment. We know it wasn’t easy at all. Many of you had to support your communities — by creating content, planning activities, engaging in conversations, and a lot more while also dealing with the chaos around you. That’s why it’s the perfect opportunity to show you just how important you are.

The Community Makers Club

While community managers like you continued to strive in making a difference, we set out on the mission of building the most insightful platform, The Community Makers Club, curated for community leaders like you. And we are beyond grateful to you for having made that choice. 

Who are we?

We are a bunch of enthusiastic people, who believe great things happen when incredibly passionate people come together. We believe in giving people a greater sense of belonging and helping them live better lives, from our own experiences of building successful communities.

We firmly believe that if being a community leader is not costing you anything (i.e. comfort, fear, popularity) - you’re not a community leader. Community Leadership is costly. It’s a risk. It’s dangerous. Always has been. Always will be. 

And hence, this germ of a belief has become a truly global Community of Community professionals, who have put in years into understanding communities and their impact. The Community Makers Club was born out of the need to be surrounded by like-minded community leaders.

What do we promise?

We promise to bring incredible networking opportunities, immense career opportunities, meaningful conversations, insider secrets, and mentorship sessions supported by all kinds of best-in-class functionalities like Q&A boards, rich content support, comments, search capabilities, etc. For instance, one of our core values is to make it all fun. We want you to have fun while finding your tribe and creating magical experiences for each other. 

To sum it up, the main driver for building this community is very simple - curating an intimate space, you can truly call your own.

What do you get by being an active member of The Community Makers club?

Our experience about working in online communities and small teams, even ones as small as just you, tells us that it’s so easy to feel alone when no one around you really understands what you do! I bet you couldn’t agree more on this. 

Therefore, we realized that it’s super important to become an active member of communities for community professionals. You can join them, ask questions, share tips, build relationships, attend user groups & network with like-minded professionals.

You’ll never regret and it will genuinely help in so many ways!

How should you own your role in the community?

Own your role as an expert. You know so much more than you think you do. The Community Makers is a community that enables you to share your “basic” knowledge that could be an encyclopedia for other members. 

There will be times when you might not know the answer, but we will direct you to the one who does. And sometimes, “who” you know trumps “what” you know. 

The whole vision revolves around giving you the opportunity to build relationships outside your team by being a part of a space that is truly transparent and authentic.

This community lies very close to our heart. The Community Makers, in its humble beginnings, started with the idea of connecting community professionals with each other. From that, it has grown to an enthusiastic, dedicated community of community rockstars, a shed load of content, newsletters, mentor tips...I could go on.

We're proud to see how much value it's bringing to CMs around the world, and we can’t wait for you to meet fellow community makers from all walks of life. Please use this link to become a part of the joyous ride.

We hope you love it as much as we do ❤️  We’ll be in touch very soon to make sure you’re settling in comfortably. 

So, this was our story of resilience. What’s yours? Tell us in the comment section below and get ready to be featured in our next story :)

Sending you loads of best wishes again on your day!


Your friends at Glynk